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Manitoba Rural Learning Consortium Co-Op Inc.


Andrea Maxwell Photo

Andrea Maxwell

Andrea Maxwell has been an early years educator for 14 years. In addition to her current role as a Grades three and four classroom teacher, Andrea acts as team leader in the areas of mathematics and technology at Centennial School in Lac du Bonnet.
Anne Reimer Photo

Anne Reimer

Anne Reimer is a facilitator with the Manitoba Rural Learning Consortium. Anne has more than 25 years of experience in math and science education.
Al Friesen Photo

Al Friesen

Al Friesen, an independent education consultant, joins the team of mRLC facilitators as a social studies specialist.
Barb Galessiere photo

Barb Galessiere

Barb Galessiere is a Curriculum Support Teacher for Literacy and Assessment for Hanover School Division. In this role, Barb looks after all aspects of training new teachers and supporting experienced teachers including offering small group in-servicing in literacy and assessment topics, modeling lessons in classrooms and meeting with teachers one-on-one for training.
Carol Larson photo

Brett Schmall

Brett Schmall is a high school ELA and Drama teacher in the Hanover School Division.  This year he takes on the role of Divisional Learning Coach, the likes of which will see him working in various classrooms across the division.
Carol Larson photo

Dr. Cathryn Smith

Dr. Cathryn Smith has served in the K-12 public education system in a variety of teaching and administrative positions for over twenty-five years with the Winnipeg School Division.
Carol Larson photo

Carol Larson

Carol Larson is a facilitator with the Manitoba Rural Learning Consortium (mRLC). Carol has almost 20 years of experience at the secondary level as a math and science educator, serving in schools in four states and two provinces.
Carole Fullerton photo

Carole Fullerton

Carole Fullerton is passionate about mathematics instruction. Carole is a teacher-leader working in K-12 classrooms to support the development of numeracy instruction across BC, Alberta, Manitoba, the territories and beyond.

Chris Gusberti photo

Chris Gusberti

Chris Gusberti is new this year with the Manitoba Rural Learning Consortium. He is currently a math teacher at Collège Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau French immersion high school in the River East Transcona School Division. He has worked as a math teacher at CPET for the past 10 years.
Chris van der Mark photo

Chris van der Mark

Chris van der Mark has 22 years experience in BC’s k-12 sector. Chris was raised just outside of Vancouver, but has spent his entire educational career in northern, rural BC. An early highlight was spending 10 years as teacher, vice principal, and principal in the Hazeltons, a predominantly First Nations community with a rich culture and history.
Dave Coulter

Dennis Friesen

Dennis Friesen is a facilitator with the Manitoba Rural Learning Consortium. In this role, Dennis leads a team providing support for rural high school math teachers by focusing on the essential learnings of the new curriculum.
Eileen Sutherland

Eileen Sutherland

Eileen Sutherland is a co-director with the Manitoba Rural Learning Consortium Co-Op Inc. In this role, Eileen is coordinating collaborative and innovative supports to rural educators to improve learning for all students with a particular focus on aboriginal and at-risk learners.
Faye Brownlie

Faye Brownlie

Faye Brownlie is a passionate literate and learning educator who resides in Vancouver and works in staff development locally, nationally, and internationally.  
Greg Schettler photo

Greg Schettler

Greg Schettler is an educator with the Lord Selkirk School Division. He has his bachelor of Education from the University of Manitoba where he graduated in 1996, and completed his first post-baccalaureate Diploma in Education at the University of Manitoba with a focus on guidance and counselling in 2010.
Heather Deneka photo

Heather Deneka

Heather Deneka has been an early years educator for 18 years and is currently teaching in a multi-age classroom at Beausejour Early Years School.
John VanWalleghem

John Van Walleghem

John Van Walleghem consults in educational administration and student services and operates Education Solutions Manitoba for promoting educational consultants.
Karen David photo

Karen David

Karen's career includes 20 years teaching in Early and Middle School classrooms and 10 years as an Elementary & Middle School Program Consultant. Currently she is consulting on K-12 literacy projects in Manitoba and the Middle East.
Kelly Smith photo

Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith has been teaching high school English Language Arts for 10 year, 9 of which she has spent in Lord Selkirk School Division. During that time she has taught a variety of grade 10-12 ELA classes, including literary, comprehensive, and transactional focuses.
Kim Koop photo

Kim Koop

Kim Koop spent her first seven years as an early years classroom teacher, followed by two maternity leaves, a half time position and a leave of absence Kim set off on a new pathway as the early years numeracy curriculum support teacher in the Hanover School Division.
Laura Brake photo

Laura Brake

Laura Brake is a Mathematics Achievement Specialist at the Department of Education in Prince Edward Island. She has a Master of Science degree with a specialization in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.
Lynda Matchullis

Lynda Matchullis

Lynda Matchullisis a co-director with the Manitoba Rural Learning Consortium Co-Op Inc. (mRLC).  In this role, Lynda is coordinating collaborative and innovative supports for rural educators that improve learning for all students with a particular focus on aboriginal and at-risk learners.
Mark Reimer photo

Mark Reimer

Mark Reimer has taught grade four through Master’s level classes in four countries during his thirty years of teaching.
Martha Reimer photo

Martha Reimer

Martha Reimer has spent most of her teaching career in Hanover School Division.  She is an Early Years Literacy Learning Coach with a wide variety of teaching experiences.
Natalie Hlady photo

Natalie Hlady

Natalie Hlady has been teaching for sixteen years in the Agassiz/Sunrise School Division.
Neil Dempsey photo

Neil Dempsey

Neil retired in June, 2016 after a career in education which involved classroom teaching, support positions, administration, and consultancy.
Pat Adamson photo

Pat Adamson

Pat Adamson has worked in education for over forty years. She has been a classroom teacher, resource teacher, reading clinician and curriculum coordinator.
Susan Miller photo

Susan Miller

Susan Miller is an experienced classroom teacher, literacy support teacher, resource teacher, guidance counsellor, and inclusion specialist.
Suzanne Dienstbier photo

Suzanne Dienstbier

Suzanne Dienstbier is currently working as the K – 12 Literacy and Languages Program Leader in Sunrise School Division. 
Warren Nickerson photo

Warren Nickerson

Warren Nickerson works with the MRLC with senior years English language arts teachers on essential learning. Warren supports the design of learning progressions with engaging contexts, opportunities for rich conversations, and effective formative assessment.