Manitoba Rural Learning Consortium 2011-2012 brochure
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Manitoba Rural Learning Consortium Co-Op Inc.


Dennis Friesen Photo

Dennis Friesen

Dennis Friesen is a facilitator with the Manitoba Rural Learning Consortium. In this role, Dennis leads a team providing support for rural high school math teachers by focusing on the essential learnings of the new curriculum.

A strong supporter of outcome based assessment, Dennis supports AFL practices that encourage students to use formative assessments to increase their understanding of the big ideas of math.

Dennis appreciates his opportunities to work with students and has been thoroughly enjoying his role as a high school math teacher for 22 years. He also has experience as an AFL mentor in the division, and serving on several provincial math assessment committees.

Dennis develops his own instructional units that are based on the curricular outcomes. He has also invested time in assessing and reporting student performance based on those objectives, utilizing the school’s web-based reporting system. This experience should be beneficial in the team’s goal of determining the essential learnings in high school math and how teachers could track and report on those learnings.

Dennis is passionate about teaching math. He celebrates students having the insight moment or when he sees students that have been struggling in math gain confidence and an appreciation for the subject. He looks forward to working with teachers that share this passion and discovering ways to enhance our understanding, assessment and focus on essential learnings of math in order to have a positive impact on the students learning experience.
Dennis, lives in Altona, enjoys keeping active playing sports, and traveling with his wife and family.

To contact Dennis please email or call 1-204-324-6416.